April 11, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Good morning blog friends. I am up early this morning as we are supposed to do volunteer work at the concession stand for the varsity baseball team. It has rained like a mini-Noah's flood for the past day or two and I am sure the fields are just brick-dust mud at this point. I expect the games to be cancelled.

The boy is scheduled to have his first game on Tuesday (Freshman Team). I am a little concerned, he said they have yet to practice hitting against live pitching. In the coach's defense, the few days they have been able to practice outside have been very cold and wet. The cold winter has morphed into a cold spring. Hitting in a cage is still no substitute for the real thing.

I see we still have no response from our Glorious Leader to North Korea or the Somali pirates. I hope he does not adopt the same leadership qualities when it comes to training his puppy. We will have to replace the White House carpeting after four years of it getting pissed and shat upon. Do you think Kim Jong Il knows The Obama is giving him the silent treatment in a fit of anger?

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