April 2, 2009

Which President is a hick?

I see The Obama continues to put a lot of thought in his gifts to foreign dignitaries. He gave the Queen a frickin iPod. That is what I got for my birthday. What does he do, send an intern down to WalMart to grab something on the way out of town? I can see it now: "Shit, Michelle I forgot to get something for the Queen. I need some smokes too, before the price goes up. Send an intern down to the store, will you? Oh, and you better get some kind of sweater. People are starting to compare your fashion sense with Larry the Cable Guy. It is supposed to be cold on that damn island. Do we still have to separate our shampoo and shave cream in a little plastic bag for the airport?"

Hey poor people, how does that tax increase on cigarettes feel? Good thing The Obama was only going to tax the rich! Hahahaha you fucking moronic sheep. Just wait until they go after your beer and whiskey and increase gas taxes again. What?, you say you cannot afford one of those new hybrids? Your old car is all you have and $4.00/gal is more than you can afford for gas? Hey that cap and trade scheme is going to raise my electric bill 50-100%, you cry? Too bad, you must be rich, because Uncle Obama will only go after those big evil rich people and corporations. Oh, you lost your job because the small business you worked for got higher taxes. Too bad for you.

Does it make you feel better that the Dems, in a true reflection of their anger over badly run businesses giving out bonuses and raises with taxpayer money gave themselves a pay raise? Even though their approval ratings were lower than Bush's, by all public opinion their job performance was less than acceptable. They voted themselves a raise. Don't fret, it is only tax money -- we will just raise the rate on the rich...

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