May 5, 2009


1976. The summer of the Bicentennial. The summer I watched the fireworks with a girl, almost like a real date. That summer my Grandfather died. The same year I started high school. The fall the poster came out.

You know what one, the blond Farrah Fawcett in the red swimsuit. The one where you can see her nipples! Hooray for nipples! All of my friends had it on their walls. We watched Charlies Angels and drooled over the girls. My friends dreamed of Farah Fawcett, I admired Kate Jackson. That red halter did it for me. Smart, brunette, sexy, if only she had freckles...

This week we will revive the Friday Five, due to popular request (I did have a comment wanting to know what happened, really). So think on it boys and girls. Who turned you on in your youth? What hot chick or guy was the stuff of your fantasies? Was it Farrah, was it Kate? Maybe it was Raquel or maybe Betty Grable? It may have been Bobby Sherman or Donnie Osmond. 'Fess up. Share with blog world. Who was the crush/lust of your youth? Choose five! Participate, play along.

You have your assignment, now go revive those happy memories and fantasies and be ready to report. Not yet, wait for Friday.

Oh, about the poster. You would not have found it tacked to my walls. I had other interests. See the poll to the right.

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