May 8, 2009

Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is to name five people who you found attractive in your youth. Who really turned you on? Who's face floated before your half-closed eyes as you frantically spanked the monkey? Who did you dream of as you rubbed one out? Who did you make-believe was helping you buff the banana?

Ladies, who's poster did you kiss before you turned out the lights? Who was your fantasy clit commander? Who's name did you write dreamily on your yellow-lined tablet? Was it Mrs. John Travolta? Did you fantasize Donnie Osmond or Bobby Sherman or Dean Martin was coming to take you away to a world of wealth and mystery? Was it Paul or George or Ringo who you imagined paddling the pink canoe? Not John, I hope, that frickin' commie.

Did you lust after Annette's hooters, Did Frankie make you melt? Tell us. We must know your secrets! To get the conversation rolling, here are five chicks who were partners in crime when I was holding my sausage hostage.

In no particular order:

Raquel Welch. God Bless America!

You know Esther Willams is making my list!

Elizabeth Montgomery could work her magic on me anytime

Kate Jackson, why didn't they make this into a poster?

Catharine Ross, Classic Beauty

You can never have too many pictures of Raquel...

Who is on your list?

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