May 10, 2009

Saturday in the park fieldhouse

My daughter graduated college yesterday. You will get no maudlin post from me today. She graduated Cum Laude with a degree in elementary ed and a minor in Spanish. She wore the cords of four different honor societies. She needs a job now, so if you are a school administrator in Central Indiana -- you could not go wrong hiring a smart, attractive dedicated teacher like my daughter.

The Governor of Indiana was the commencement speaker. His speech did not go over so well with some of those listening. It was the same old "your life is before you speech" one always hears at graduation, only with a twist. He said that the generation before his was the Greatest generation. They lived through depression and won WWII. He described his own generation as the most spoiled generation ever. He talked how the Boomers had created social programs and ran up massive debt that the graduates of today are going to have to pay. Read about it by clicking here. He admonished them to live responsibly. He told them if they can clean up the mess his generation left behind, they will be the next greatest generation. I guess some people do not like to be told of their shortcomings. He did get in a zing or two against the Obama administration, and even gave Hillary a backhanded slap in a passing remark. He is a politician. Why should anyone be surprised when a politician makes a political remark at a graduation. It is done all the time. Does anyone think The Obama's remarks will not be a political speech when he talks at Notre Dame?

I digress. We went out to a nice dinner afterward, my parents and boys and daughter and her fiancee and my wife. We came home. The day had turned blustery. I took a nap and watched a chick flick with my wife. I started another movie, this time John Wayne, just to get my manliness levels revived. I noticed one of my all-time favorite movies was on, Captain Blood, and switched to it instead. I fell asleep in the middle. I stumbled off to bed and my Saturday was over.

Happy Mother's Day

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