May 24, 2009


The holiday weekend moves into day 2. Yesterday the boy played a double-header, the last games of the season. He did not play especially well. He had an error in each game -- the first two all season. Neither affected the outcome of the game.

In the afternoon we attended a wedding. One of my daughter's best friends entered into Holy Matrimony. My daughter was one of the bridesmaids. We did not stay too late at the reception. I think the wife would have stayed a little longer, but I was bored.

I have nothing on tap for the balance of the weekend. The yard is mowed. I could do some work in the flower beds, but I do not want to. I do have to drag out the hose and maybe the power washer since the birds are still on the warpath. They have crapped all over my deck, the patio table and chairs, my grill. I have never seen so much crap. It is like someone used my easy-living space for target practice with a paint gun loaded with white paint. I am going to have to find a pellet gun, I guess.
I know it must be nearby, but I cannot find the nest. In fact. I never see them out there, just their shit.

I hear there is a race or two today, I will watch neither. I might be persuaded to have a cold beer and a cigar if it does not rain.

Have a great weekend.

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