May 14, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

I was in the Carolina's yesterday. The weather was fantastic. I arrived early for my lunch meeting with my customer, so I parked in front of the Target down the street to pass the time and enjoy the sunshine. If you want to find women, visit a Target at 11:00 in the morning. Of course, a lot of the hot ladies were toting along their screwing trophies, but if you just want some eye candy that is the place.

I had a good meeting with the customer. Business sucks, we all hope it gets better, blah, blah. I took the materials manager and quality manager to lunch. We talked how we are always on-time, our great customer service, how we have not had a quality issue in memory. And just that fast we angered the Fates. When I got to the airport and checked my emails there was a message the customer had found a defective part. Arrrrggghhh.There was insufficient wood knocking, I guess.

At least I was not given a lame-assed rental car this time. I had a Chevy Tahoe with four (yes 4) miles on it. It was a great vehicle. If I had the dough I would consider buying one. I could not find a fault.

I arrived home around 11:30 last night and it has rained bucketfuls since -- more than an inch since midnight. That makes nearly 13 inches of rain since the beginning of March. I am glad I am not a farmer. I heard that less than 5% of the corn crop is in the ground. Get ready for some high prices on corn, on meat, on soda, on ethanol this winter.

So suckers, you voted for the Obama because he promised to tax the rich. Welcome to the land of Donald Trump. Us rich SOBs are going to have to pay taxes on our employer-provided health care. You have something another doesn't, so you must pay a penalty. Leading Dems say Government workers and Union members may be exempted. How nice. The rest of us efers better get ready 'cause BOHICA, baby.

Let me add the first person who comes here talking about a health care crisis in this country gets banned for life. I am not kidding. There is not a single person who has ever been denied care in the US. There is a health insurance issue. There is a cost issue, but there is not an issue with health care. The only places there is a issue with getting health care is in places like Great Britain and Canada where they have Government provided health care.


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