May 6, 2009

Today's Word is Uighur

Imagine we capture some avowed Muslims in the Tora Bora region of Pakistan, training at at an Al Qaeda/Taliban facility. They are Chinese Muslim Separatists. They hate the Chinese. They follow Shari'a Law. Thus, they are not real fond of us Westerners either. We take them to Gitmo. Now, we have to do something with them. Welcome to the Uighurs, your new neighbors.

"Why should I care?", you ask. Because the Obama administration is about to turn them loose right here in the good old USA. I suspect we are going to give them green cards, welfare funds, maybe even jobs and houses. Are they terrorists? I don't know. Personally if they lived with terrorists, trained with terrorists, and believe the same things as terrorists I have a suspicion. You know, walks like a duck... etc. President Obama's own commission ruled these Uighurs were too dangerous to turn loose. The Obama knows better.

Anyway these guys will be loose and free in Northern Virginia as early as next week according to sources. You see, no other country will take them. Except China, where they are wanted. For being terrorists. We won't give them to China, they may torture and kill them. Believe me, the Chinese are not going to fool around with college pranks when the do torture -- with them we are talking the real thing. The socialists and communists have been doing that sort of thing for more than a century and they are damn good at it. Of course avowed socialists like Nancy Pelosi are quick to criticise their own country, but seem to have a blind eye when it comes to the human rights record of socialist and communist regimes. Isn't that interesting?

I am told every day the Obama is in charge get over it, the people are pleased. How pleased will they be when a bunch of terrorists shoot up a mall or school? The same ones the President let go free in our country?

I guess Obama was right when he said we do not have to fear terrorists coming across the Mexican Border -- he is letting them in the front door.

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