May 29, 2009

What to read

Over there on the right you can see that for about the last two weeks I have had nothing to read. That is not exactly true, I found a half read biography of the band YES I finished. Over the weekend I read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas on the recommendation of my daughter. I will not link it because the book is a total complete piece of crap. I hate the main character. He is supposed to be nine. He is maybe three emotionally and intellectually. What a putz. I hate the author's trite twisting of language. The boy, Bruno, calls Hitler "The Fury" and Auschwitz "out-with" and even refers to the place as "out with" fun and "out with" old friends. Too bad the characters are German and would never use English words as substitutes. This annoyed me to no end. Since the book sucked there is no chance I will watch the movie version.

negative 9 stars out of 5.

I will gladly take recommendation s for books to read. Nothing scary, I hate Stephen King books, for instance. Help a brother here, will ya?

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