June 18, 2009

The Commies are coming here

Hold on there pardner, Now The Obama wants the power to go into a private business that may fail in the future -- and I quote "seize its assets". I was not in favor of the bailouts and TARP and etc., but this is too far. Who gets to determine what business 'may' fail? Why the tax cheat in chief, Timothy Geitner. How far are we from nationalizing industries that are too important the economy of the US, like the rest of the car companies, the oil companies, energy suppliers (Obama hates the coal plants anyway) and all banks? Are defense related industries next -- the aircraft manufacturers, bearing companies, guns and ammunition makers? Where does it stop? How about government control of the farms and food factories?

You fervent Kos kids and DU dope smokers were all concerned about GW taking your rights and ignoring the Constitution, does this prospect not frighten you? How will you feel when he comes after your employer or your company?

That will never happen you say. That is what the people of Cuba, Venezuela and Zimbabwe all thought in the not too distant past. I don't know about you, but I am sure hoping we get a little less change. I warned you this was the plan a year ago and I was accused of having pinko paranoia. I would laugh, except I am afraid I will cry for my country's future.

Apparently I am not alone thinking this way. Click this link.

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