June 27, 2009

I was just reamed by 219 Congressmen

Good morning citizens of the Midwest. Those of you from Ohio to Wyoming, from West Virginia to Michigan, how do you feel today? The Democratic Controlled Congress just gave you a Cleveland Steamer of epic proportions. Yes, those of us in the rust belt just took one up the ass so the feel-good liberals from both coasts could combat non-existent global warming. The cap and trade bill passed by the house will cause utility prices to "necessarily skyrocket". That is not your author using hyperbole. Those are the words of our very own President Obama back in January 2008. He promised it, we got it. This equates to the largest tax increase in histoy. And the middle class and poor are going to feel it the most. Do you have an extra $3,100 in your family budget? That is what the Heritage Foundation says this measure is going to cost you.

The liberal Representatives bought off your Congressperson with earmarks and pork -- paid for by you -- the already overburdened taxpayer. It is estimated that my beloved Hoosier State will lose 35,000 jobs and over $6 billion in lost State GDP and personal income. Hey Michigan -- you think things are bad now, just wait.

Remember that big sucking sound Ross Perot promised we would hear as jobs moved out of the country? You are about the hear it. I will explain this again to you liberals who believe the purpose of business is to provide jobs. It is not. Business owners are here to make a profit. They are going to pass those increased energy costs to you, the unlucky consumer. If they cannot pass on those costs, then businesses will manufacture in a place that allows them to. Sick of everything you buy at WalMart coming from China, India, and Vietnam? Guess what, they are not under the provisions of this idiotic law.

Further, could one of you who thinks this bill is a good idea tell me why we are combating global warming when an ever-increasing number of experts have come to the conclusion the idea of man-made global warming is a myth? Seriously, global temperatures have not risen in 7 years. We appear to be in a cooling trend. My 6 year-old nephew would not even buy the theory that global cooling (which scientist now say could last decades) is a sign the planet is getting warmer.

...chirp-chirp, chirp-chirp...

All is not lost. Thank the Founders for instituting a bicameral legislature to combat such popular idiocy. Call you Senators and tell them HELL NO when it comes to cap and trade. And remember how your Democratic Congressman just screwed you come 2010.

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