June 10, 2009

Rain on my windows

Happy Humping people. Wednesday is upon us and the work week is nearly half over. Thunderstorms are rolling through the neighborhood this morning and it is raining a steady drumbeat on the skylights. I do not think anything severe is in the works, the frickin' birds are making their morning racket. The rain and distant thunder sounds just like the beginning of The Doors' Riders on the Storm. You can bet I will not be picking up any hitchers today.

I just glanced over that previous paragraph. I typed "frikjon" instead of "frickin'". I am so retarded such a poor speller typist. I have to go back and look, the wife said I had several typos in an email I sent to Blockbuster.com. Why am I emailing Blockbuster?

My wife's birthday was Monday. For a combo birthday/Father's Day gift my daughter and her fiance bought us a three month subscription to blockbuster.com. We can order movies etc. (like netflix). I put in the required info to redeem my gift. The site acknowledged I have three months of service and said my credit card would be billed when that three months was up -- beginning on August 10. That's only two months, bucko. In a chain of emails I get an acknowledgement that indeed my service goes until September 11. The account still says I will be billed in August for the August 10 through September 11 period. The last email said that if they do bill me they will give a refund. I do not want to have this fight two or three months from now, I want it fixed now. We will see what today brings. In the meantime (cue Ted Knight, Superfriends fans), I have a bunch of movies in the que waiting to be shipped to my humble abode.

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