June 20, 2009


Go over to Linda's place and read this parable. You will be smarter when you are done.

We got some hard rain last night. The sky was lit with constant lightening and the wind howled in the eaves. I am glad I mowed yesterday.

My 'puter has been acting all wonky. I hope I am not infected. I tried to log on to the internet Thursday, but the window opens and then locks up before the home page can load. Every time. I can log on and use the internet as another user, but not as me. Any advice computer geeks? When bring up the task manager it says CPU usage is 100% (that is why it is locking up). I have made that account a non-administrator, just in case. All of my work etc is tied to that account, so I really do not want to delete it and have to add it all back.

Have a great Saturday.

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