September 16, 2009

Dear Presidnt Obama

Since you apparently have not noticed, you WON the election. You can come off the campaign trail now. Perhaps if you spent more time in the office, actually administrating you might notice what some of your employees are up to. They have started a trade war with China. They have hired Czars who believe women should be sterilized and another who thinks animals should have the "right" to sue people.

Oh and there remains that pesky economy and unemployment issue.

You might want to look at protecting those who want democracy and rule of law (like in Nicaragua and Iran). Perhaps you should quit trying to shit on Israel. Maybe an actual response to the North Korean's aggression would be nice. A few days in the office will do you good.

I guess since you have never run anything in your life you are a little confused on what an executive does. Here is a hint -- you are fucking up.

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