September 25, 2009

Fair and balanced

I am sure you have seen the disgusting video of the school in New Jerseystan that taught the youngsters to sing a song in praise of the Obama. I have to point out that The Obama is not responsible for this odd bit of worship. The idiotic school administrators that allowed it to happen and are now defending the action should be fired. The fact this school system reportedly will not allow prayer,will not allow the kids to dress up at Halloween, calls the decorated tree at Christmas time the "holiday tree", yet can find time to indoctrinate the children into politics is reprehensible. Some parents and news reporters are especially offended as the tune of the Obama song is that of "Jesus Loves the Little Children". Sorry folks, that tune is much older and is actually a Civil War era song entitled Tramp, Tramp Tramp.

Tramp! tramp! tramp!
The boys are marching
Cheer up comrades,
They will come.
And beneath the starry flag
We shall breathe the air again
Of the free land in our own beloved home.

It is good to learn something on a Friday.

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