September 14, 2009

Quick Hits Monday Edition

Jay Cutler -- Karma is a real bitch, you whiner. Hahahahaah. I like the Bears, but Cutler deserved a little bitch slapping for his cry-baby attitude in Denver.

Brandon Stokley is laughing ass off still. Th bungles are aptly named today.

Why is there no outcry to defend and investigate ACORN. When there are so many allegations of fraud and wrongdoing is that not an indication of systematic failure to observe the law? One or two bad employees might be rogues. Hundreds is a trend.

The Obama stepped away from any kind of tort reform. I guess the Trial Lawyer lobbyists are intent on getting their money's worth.

My phone is a total and complete piece of shit. I am due for an upgrade next month and I am seriously thinking of going with the iPhone.

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