September 17, 2009

The racism backlash

There is no doubt I am not the brightest flame in the candelabra. I am not a great writer either. In fact much of my thought may not be too original. I feel strongly that the following must be said by as many people as possible.

I am deeply, deeply offended when I am called a racist. I am not going to posit that some of my best friends are black, because it is just not true. I live in a mostly white community. I grew up in a white community. I am not sure there was a black family in my whole county when I grew up. I have told some black jokes. I have told Polish and Catholic and German and etc...jokes. So have you, no matter the amount of pigment in our skin. There is my mea culpa. In the end, I could care less what color of skin a person has. Skin tone and hair color and eye color are all functions of genetics. Fifty-three million or so Americans voted for Obama. A percentage voted for him based on the color of his skin alone. That my friends is just as racist as the percentage that voted nay for the same reason. I voted against him based on his politics. After all, if race were an issue, President Obama is equally white.

Back during the Reverend Wright scandal Candidate Obama said it was time for the Country to move forward with a constructive race relations dialogue. President Obama jumped to some ill-considered conclusions in the Harvard Professor scandal. He was a man and admitted he was wrong. All of us make mistakes.

Now some of his strongest supporters are claiming any opposition to President Obama's initiatives is based in racism. That cannot stand. President Obama must step forward and stop this unfounded position now. Now is the time for the President to show some real statesman-like qualities. He knows opposition to his programs is not rooted in skin color. Conservatives were against universal health care long before President Obama took the stage. Was it racist to not support Hillary-care? Here is an example of more of the same kind of broad brush labeling the liberals claim to despise. MS O'Brien claims this post and the associated comments are stocked full of racism. I guess I am beyond dumb, I need someone to point out what in the post is racist.

The President can lay now the groundwork for his legacy. His Administration can be about bigotry and racism, or he can rise above it. He can set the tone now that it matters not the color of flesh that covers a person's bones, or he can brand us all racists and bigots. To step above the fray will move race relations forward more than at any time in our history. To allow half the nation to be branded as one step short of sewing up the white sheets will ensure a person of color will not be elected again for a long time.

Science taught us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Unfairly branding average Americans racist simply because we have a different political view will breed a strong backlash.

edit. I don't know why I bother with the effort. This is what I tried to say. The V-Man is always up to snuff.

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