September 7, 2009

Unwanted and unloved

My oldest boy lives in an apartment in the city where he goes to college. He lives with two other guys. A month or so ago some girls asked them if they would take care of a dog for them. One of the girl's mother gave it to them as she could not keep it for some reason. Girl number one had a dog and it did not like this dog (confused yet?). The dog was part poodle part pug and my son said it was the ugliest dog ever. He said it was a good dog and it never barked or jumped on you. He slept in my son's room and they were getting to be good pals. Only his roommates hated the dog. They did not want to take care of it. They would not take it out when my son was at class or work so it shit and peed on the carpet, which made them hate it even more.

The wife was talking to him and one of the roommates took the dog back to the girls' house. They have given it back to the Mom and my son believes the dog is at the pound. He lamented, "The dog is not a puppy, it is so ugly no one will adopt it. A good dog is about to die because no one wanted it but me, and I cannot have it." He said he asked the girls which pound, but they said they did not know or really care.

These things happen every day. It still makes we want to cry for a dog no one wants.

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