September 10, 2009

What health care really means

I did not watch The Obama's speech last night. Unless he said he is abandoning completely his plan to socialize medicine, I am not interested.

I am not the first to say this,or think it, but I have finally come to believe that Obama and his cohorts have a very different goal in mind. They are not interested in a better health care plan for Americans (isn't it funny how that number of uninsured keeps growing?). This is about power. Obama told us on the campaign trail we would know him by the people he surrounds himself with. He has surrounded himself with ultra far left socialists. This is not about healthcare, it is that you have something better than someone else and it has to be taken away.

Obama is not concerned about falling home values, you made too much money in real estate. He is glad the stock market tanked -- greedy investors deserved it. He wants to tell more than just bankers how much they can make -- and why isn't each and every one of us outraged over the Pay Czar? Who in the Hell is the Federal Government to tell someone how much he can earn? By the way, as pointed out at Braden's Corner, if Michael "Commie" Moore thinks capitalism so so evil, why is he charging the public to see his movies? Will he be giving all profits to the Government to help the downtrodden? In fact I encourage each and every one of you who approve of the socialist agenda to give up every dollar you make above the poverty level. Those of you who think "Obama is not going far enough" with his leftist agenda (I am calling you out in NE Ohio) pledge to give up every thing you make above the Federal Poverty level to help the uninsured and homeless.

History has demonstrated the way to stimulate spending is to give people more of their money. Even Pelosi and company believed this in 2007. Now it is through Government projects that will not come to life for at least another year. Why the change? Because Obama and company believe the wealth belongs to the government, and you have too much of it. He was not kidding when he told Joe the Plumber we need to spread the wealth. He wants to take from the haves an give it to not only the have nots, but the will nots.

For Obama the Constitutional promise of equal opportunity means equal outcomes. So as you digest his speech from last night, and try to make up your mind, remember the idea is not to improve healthcare, but to make sure your plan is no better than your neighbor's, even if you have to pay more in taxes to make that so.

Do you have buyer's remorse yet?

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