October 10, 2009

Bold Predictions

Good morning blog readers. Can you tell I have an extra kick in my step? I feel much better today. The anti-biotic must be working. My super $135 bottle of cough syrup has me coughing much less and sleeping better. I slept most of yesterday, and that is what I have planned for today as well. I DVRd some Esther Williams flicks, so I can go to sleep this afternoon with visions of those long legs in my mind...

In other news, I have searched deep into my drug-influenced crystal ball and I can already tell you who will win the Nobel Peace Prize next year. It will be Miss Delaware. She, like the President, would love to see a nuke-free world and her fondest wish is for World Peace. Apparently, according to the Nobel committee, hoping for peaceand asking Iran and the crazy NOK to stop building NUKE bombs is all that is needed to grab what was once deemed a great honor.

Yoko must be pissed. The Nobel people ignored John Lennon. He said it best "All we need is love...All together now...All we need is love." Plus he asked us all to "just give peace a chance". Maybe Lennon will share the prize (posthumously) with Miss Delaware n 2010?

If we are going to give the Nobel Prize for uttering meaningless, empty slogans, shouldn't we at least consider the Sham Wow guy? At least he delivers.

In other predictions, I expect The Obama will be a surprise recipient of the Best Actor Oscar at the 2010 Academy Awards for his role of running as a centrist then governing from the far, far left left. In addition, he will be given a lifetime achievement award for his convincing portrayal of a person who has actually never achieved anything except running for office...never mind, that is not an act.

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