October 3, 2009

The Gomer Pyle Media

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Every time we get bad economic news the media is shocked. It is as if Gomer Pyle is working behind the scenes to screw up everything. Unemployment numbers are "unexpectedly worse" -- Surprise, surprise, surprise. "The stock market is unexpectedly down" - surprise, surprise, surprise. "The dollar is unexpectedly weakening" -- surprise, surprise, surprise. No matter what economic indicator we use, it is a huge surprise it is not improving.

After nearly a year of bad news, can we safely say we are disappointed there is no improvement? Is it still "unexpected" that unemployment has not dropped? No matter what the economic news the headlines are the same. What evidence beyond hope that things will change is there that would lead any journalist to believe the economic news will improve? Only the most die-hard ostriches with their heads buried believe the stimulus stimulated anything but the burgeoning debt. Only the most ardent leftist still believes the Government can create jobs -- it does not produce anything!

Let me grab my crystal ball and offer you a few headlines of the future:

Unemployment Unexpectedly Remains at Nearly 20% as Jobs Leave Country in Wake of Energy Taxes.

Government Run Health Care Unexpectedly Results in Long Wait Times and Rationing of Care

Iran Unexpectedly Nukes Israel, Despite President Obama's Offer of Dialogue. Mullahs vow USA Next.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Just so it will not be unexpected -- I told you so.

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