November 4, 2009

Get over it

It occurred to me while posting a comment over at a liberal blog earlier that one of the biggest issues we face in this country is a complete ignorance of The Constitution.

Liberals (leftists)believe we should adopt a more socially-kind government. They see no reason why the Fed should not provide health care to those who need it, food to the hungry, or affordable housing. In a good and compassionate world, that would be the case. Scandinavia and much of Europe base their Government on just such a premise.

If we disregard whether that is the proper role of a Government, we still have a problem here in the US. The Founders deliberately designed a type of Government that prohibits a strong federal role. The powers of the Legislature are limited and clearly defined in Article 1, Section 8. The Founders believed the Federal Government was equal to the State Government, not superseding. To make that clear they adopted the 9th and 10th Amendments.

Some of you may not like that premise. You might believe it is the role of the Federal Government to look after the needs of the citizenry. The Founders thought of that too. There is a prescribed way to modify the Constitution to that effect.

If the people of Ohio want the State to provide universal Health Care, the State can implement it at any time. If I live in Ohio and do not want to pay for Health Care, I can move freely to any of the 49 other States. If I live in Kentucky and want free health care, I can move to Ohio, where the taxpayers agree that is their social burden and are glad to pay for it.

We may not like the way the Government is set up, but that is the way the Founders envisioned. Change The Constitution or get over it and work to get the changes you desire at the State and local level.

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