November 3, 2009

I call that a bargin

The White House claims that 650,000 jobs were saved and created by the Stimulus Bill. Instead of calling The Obama a liar, I will accept this number at face value. The stimulus bill cost us taxpayers a whopping $787 billion -- before interest and long debt servicing costs. If my calculator works properly that equals about $1,210,000 per job created.

Not so fast says the White House. We have only spent $150 billion on job recovery. OK, if we needed these funds so badly our Representatives could not even take time to read the bill, why is the money not being spent (BTW, I told you so)? And if the money is not spent on job creation,, what are we spending it on? Anyway, again, I will take the Obamaites at their word. $1.5 billion divided by 650,000 jobs means it only cost Joe Taxpayer a measly $230,000 per job created and saved. I do not know how things are in your neck of the woods, but a $230,000 job is way above average around here.

Do you feel better knowing these same geniuses are going to make your health care cheaper? Has buyer's remorse set in yet?

Like Big Dick says, make sure you keep those Obama stickers on your car so we know whom to hold responsible.

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