November 28, 2009


Good morning readers. I hope this crisp fall morning finds your bellies full and your wallets lighter. I got both of the wife's Christmas trees up yesterday and the boy and I finished decorating outside by putting a swirl of lights around the weird fruit tree.

The wife did something she has never done before; braved the Black Friday morning crowds. She was after a big-ticket item at WalMart. She got there around 4 in the am and still missed out. She learned her lesson. She found the same item (different brand) elsewhere for 50 bucks more Friday evening. She told me there were people running for the opportunity to stand in line to get $2 towels. They are usually $3. Yes, that is a big savings, but how many towels are you going to buy? Is it worth it to get up in the middle of the night to save a Hamilton? I do not get it. Many years ago I braved the midnight lines and pushed and shoved to get my boy the coveted Power Rangers toys he wanted. The only reason the wife even made the attempt was the savings were so large.

The wife told me that the store had a 50 inch LCD flatscreen TV for $500. I told her if she loved me she would have skipped buying stuff for everyone else on her list this year and snagged me one of those. Once again, we had a difference in opinion. I tell you that woman will not see reason.

It is supposed to warm up into the upper 50s today. Maybe I will be able to get outside and enjoy a cigar this afternoon. I bet a certain female in this house has a list of projects for me to work on instead. Are there any bets on who gets their way?

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