November 2, 2009

That Damn Bush

We have experienced a long spate of below average temperatures the past few months. I am sure we can blame Bush.

I still have a cough from my spate of pneumonia a few weeks ago. I probably will need to go back to the doctor. I blame Bush.

One of the buyers I deal with on a regular basis is grossly incompetent. I blame Bush.

The Pacers look like they will suck again this year. I do not really care, but still, I blame Bush.

I have not had a raise in two years. I blame Bush.

I need new glasses, my eyesight is getting worse, of course it is Bush's fault.

Newt Gingrich is a tool. I blame Bush.

NASCAR has become boring, the COT is a joke. Bush must be responsible.

Peyton Manning did not throw a touchdown pass yesterday -- that damn Bush made him make those incompletions.

My car insurance is too high, all because Bush did not institute auto insurance reforms.

My Dental insurance is lousy -- fucking Bush.

My health Care insurance is good, but expensive. Why didn't Bush fix this while he was President?

My neighbor's tree died this fall. I am sure that is proof positive Bush did not care about the environment.

I blame Bush for everything in my life that is not rainbows and roses. I could work for the Obama Administration.

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