November 1, 2009

A Weekend Editorial

Here I am, up bright and early on a Sunday morning. It is time for my semi-annual post regarding the ridiculous requirement to change my clocks in an effort to save, or in the case of the fall, not to save daylight. Of course we do not really save daylight by moving our clocks forward and back. We only change the time of day we burn our lights. Do we want it dark when we get up or light longer in the evening?

If we used real common sense, and did not legislate on the basis of more time to play golf of a July night, we would reverse the inane practice. During the short days of winter, we will get up for work and send the kiddies to the bus stop in the dark anyway. As it is now designated, we get the added bonus of coming home in the dark, or near dark, too. If we moved our clocks ahead in the fall, at least we could see the sun in the evening as we huddle over the grill cooking hamburgers on a January night.

For most of my life we never changed the clocks here in the heart of Hoosierland. That worked just fine for me. For the next several days, when I am sleepy at 11:00 pm, and wake at 5:00 am, I am going to be a bit grumpy. Consider this fair warning.

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