December 11, 2009

I feel better

I grabbed a couple hours wink time on the couch. I feel a little better about taking on the day now.

The local news sends out a reporter to cover human interest stories. He was at a bakery that makes nutritious, natural, organic treats for dogs. Whatever. Some people treat their dogs like they are part of the family. If you ant to spend 10 bucks on a dog treat, it is certainly none of my f-ing business. That is just the way I roll.

I do not have a dog anymore. When I did, it was known to eat just about anything -- old used Kleenexes, trash. garbage, Rival dog food, cat food, cat turds from the litter box, a chair, table scraps, bones, a bunk bed, used tampons and pads, grass, old diapers, roadkill, and occasionally his own shit. My dog was not unlike most dogs I have known when it comes to its eating habits. Do we really need to make sure the ingredients in the dog treats are organic and natural?

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