January 10, 2010

Dear Nancy, Harry and Barack,

Why won't you show the health care negotiations on C-Span?

President Obama, you promised 8 times this would be transparent.

Bloggers from both sides should be shouting this message loudly.

Show the hearings, assholes.


Anonymous said...

You know that the lib's ain't gonna say one word. I am hoping your not saying that Obama promised anything that would get him elected,has the congress locked and still can't do anything he promised. You don't suppose he was lying do you?

James Old Guy

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

They don't want to show the utter embarrassment that manifests when government wants to play God, and after getting the part, proves to be totally inadequate for the role.
Unfortunately, that won't keep them from trying!
This bill is a freaking train wreck.

dick said...

Hearings? They're aren't going to be any hearings, but rather swapmeets, handout, and a big payola seminar.
Fucking criminals should be hung.

Dan O. said...

I yelled it out and all I got weer strange looks from co-workers.

I'm quickly becoming apathetic about all things political. Oh, I'll still turn out to cast my ballot against every incumbent in every orifice. I just can't keep up with all the dumbassery. And furthermore, still can't believe there are so many out there that voted for this Asshole-In- Chief. Until it becomes a call-to-arms, I'm on the sidelines.

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