February 22, 2010

As if you needed more websites to read everyday...

I have several apps on my iPhone that amuse me. One of my favorite is FMyLife. This is a collection of losers telling about the things that make their life miserable.

you can visit the website here. Often, I think my day and life suck until I read these posts. Here is an example:
Today, after months of trying to potty train my son, he finally told me he used the potty. I went to the bathroom to check. There was nothing there. So I asked him "Where did you go to the potty?". He then grabbed my hand and took me to the cat's litter box. My son has successfully litter trained himself. FML

I also liked this gem:
Today, my pet rat had babies. We've only ever owned one rat. FML

Then there is this idiot:
Today, I had an interview for a college. The college is in Rhode Island. I live on the West coast. When I asked the interviewer if they got to the mainland by boat or by some other form of transportation, he told me Rhode Island is not an island. FML

And doesn't this story of family life bring a tear to your eye?:
Today, my daughter told me she wanted to be a stripper when she grew up, just like daddy's girlfriend. We're still married. FML

Go and read for yourself.


mts1 said...

Dude, this one creeped me out, and it's right before bedtime:

Today, I was awakened, in the middle of the night, by the sound of crying coming from outside. There's a mile in between houses where I live.

With the following comment attached (never mind the bad grammar):

many serial killers use the sound of a child crying to lure their victims out of theirs homes, this is more common when they no there victim is alone

mts1 said...

Oh, the URL for that gem:


The Rich Wasp said...

Some of that stuff is funny, the rest is so pathetic I don't see the humor value in it.

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