February 3, 2010

A cure for the common cold -- home remedies that work

Happy Hump day. I hope you are all feeling fine and productive today. I know I do. Too bad that feeling usually wears off by around 10:00 am. It is another typical overcast day here in God's favorite State. It looks like we are set to get a blast of snow Friday and Saturday. I hope not too much -- we have tickets to see The Blue Collar Comedy Tour Saturday night! I could sure use a laugh or two these days.

I am sitting on the edge of my seat to see what Pelosi, and Reid and The Obama have up their sleeve. Those Rat Bastard Leftists are up to something. There is no way they are going to slow the socialist train because some kid threw a few pennies and sticks on the tracks. Those fuckers are like rust -- they never sleep and they will continue to weaken the support structure of our economy at every chance.

The wife is home sick today. She is asleep right now. She started out Monday extremely hoarse (Yay!(relax it was a joke)) and developed a deep cough over the past two days. I offered chest massages, but she was not interested. She did not think pelvic massage would help either. I am not a doctor, and I do not play one on TV, but I do have some good ideas on medicine. I am confident some serious rubbing and poking would make at least one of us feel better. I know she does not feel well, 'cause she is sure irritable.

Maybe I will have more later. Maybe not. Check back often, I need the hits.


Anonymous said...

Hmm hi Wabash IN for Sat = 26
Hmm hi Chareston SC for Sat = 58
Hmm hi Cleveland OH for Sat = who cares
Nope not going back,

James Old Guy

LeeAnn said...

My evil husband always says, when I claim illness to avoid *ahem* more energetic activities, "The whole amusement park doesn't close if the log ride is broken, you know."
And then I sneeze on him.

Cappy said...

Git-R-Done! has been trademarked by Larry the Cable Guy. Anyway, that's what it says on my shorts.

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