February 15, 2010

Enjoy Your Monday

It is snowing again. The weather pattern is much like we would expect in April, with waves of moisture coming in every three or four days. The only problem it is snow, not rain. We have not been dumped on like some other parts of the country, but we are getting whacked six inches at a time. We now have about a foot and a half on the ground. We are expecting about 4-6 inches more this morning.

It is so flat here that drifting is a major problem. a few inches can create drifts of a foot or more. Six inches of snow gets you three foot drifts in the country. Drifting on the secondary roads has caused school to be cancelled 4 days in the last week (including today). The wife works at the school, and only gets paid if she works, so her next paycheck is going to be mighty small.

There is some good news in the blogggity world. Leeann wrote a whole post about ME!


Anonymous said...

Link is broken, and yeah when in snow in Charleston South Carolina its a long ass winter.

James Old Guy

LeeAnn said...

It was NOT about you. Not this time. However, I do reserve the right to mock you for... hmmm, have to think of something mockable. :)

dick said...

Looks like you got your wish, Bayh is out and not running for re-election.

Cappy said...

C'mon Leann. Hoosier. Easy target. How hard can it be?

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