February 27, 2010

No service today

I woke up in a good mood this morning. I got dressed and made some coffee. I braved the cold and gently falling snow to my curbside mailbox and newspaper bin. No newspaper. Again. This is the fifth time in under three weeks the local fish wrap has failed to arrive. The snow around me was melting do to the heat of my anger. My blood pressure was sky high.

It is not that I care so much about the contents, the local paper became a joke years ago. It is mostly AP stories and local high school sports. The Saturday edition usually contains human interest stories clearly written during the week. It is not so much that I cherish the five minutes (or less)I spend six days a week reading the paper. It is the principle that I bought and paid in advance for a service. Giving me Saturday's paper on Monday, or a credit does not adequately compensate me for the aggravation of not getting what I paid for. I am petty, but I want that carrier to have to be inconvenienced by bringing me my birdcage liner. If he has to leave the comfort of his home to do what he is paid, maybe he will quit skipping my house. It is not like the old days where some teenager is trying to make a buck, Ipay extra since I am a "motor carrier route".

Of course, the local newspaper offices are closed on Saturday. There is no recourse, I left a nasty message on their recorder, but nothing will come of it. I will bet they will not even call to apologize on Monday. That idea pisses me off even more. Now I will stew about it and come Monday morning I will be in a real rage against the paper. I might even tell them to shove it. I will not let it ruin my weekend though; it is just 8 or 10 pieces of newsprint. I ca compartmentalize better than that.

I guess customer service went to Mexico and China with the other jobs. No, I am mistaken, customer service jobs all went to India.


Jean said...

Is the paper online also?
Don't let the bastards give you a stroke over this, HB.

Freddie said...

Exactly what I was thinking.

Cut 'em loose, HB. Who needs the aggravation when you've got all the news you could want right at your fingertips?

dick said...

I killed the subscriptions to both the Dallas and Fort Worth papers a few years back.
They ain't worth the headache.

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