February 12, 2010

Pygmy Sex, with pictures

Good Morning blog world. I arrived home last night from a whirlwind trip to sunny but cold Florida. I attended the worlds most boring trade show. Fortunately I only had to spend one day at the booth. I flew out of snowy Indy on Wednesday morning and was back home Thursday night. I know, I missed you too.

I bet you did not know that rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over 1 million descendants.


Dan O. said...

Welcome back to the great white north, eh?

(I want an update later on how many hits that post title gets you.)

LeeAnn said...

Pygmy sex is so passe.
Midget hottub fetish parties, now that's the in thing.

Jean said...

Sunny Florida? not here, I'm afraid. Raining and cold again....AGAIN... today. I can hear the race fans whining. Can't blame them too much, though. Not normal weather for this time of year and I'm whining right along with them. (yeah, I know, no snow is still a very good thing.)

dick said...

Leeann's been cruisin my page.

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