February 8, 2010

That is why they play the game

Here are a few random thoughts on the Superbowl:

Why in the world would Jay Leno do a spot advertising for David Letterman, and why would NBC allow it?

For the most part I thought the commercials were rather lame.

Great ballsy move by the Saints to start the second half with an onside kick. That was the difference in the game. How can Mr. Kendra not scoop up that ball? It was kicked right to him.

I am not sure if Reggie Wayne was injured worse than we thought, but he did not have a great game.

Just before the big interception I told my friend "Manning is going to hit Wayne on a skinny post right here for a big gain." If I knew what was coming, the Saints would to. I understand that it is Manning's job to not get hurt, but he could have made a tackle on that interception -- it is the Super Bowl, man. Compare the hustle of Wayne to chase Porter after the interception to the reaction of Garcon in a similar situation a few weeks ago. Garcon chases after Ed Reed and knocks the ball loose. Wayne jogs a few steps after the defender. Again -- it is the Super Bowl.

The Colts defense made a great goal line stand in the 2nd quarter. The offense came out and ran the ball. With a crucial third and one, they try to run right up the middle with the THIRD string running back. WTF?

there were some huge dropped passes for the Colts. They would have been better off to go for it on that fourth and long or punt rather than try to kick a field goal clearly outside of the aging Matt Stover's leg.

In the end, the Saints played better and deserved to win.


dick said...

Kelly and I were betting on your suicide over this.
The onside kick looked to be the turning point to me. Until then, the Colts pretty much own the Saints.
h/t to Sean Payton for his coaching.

Anonymous said...

The other question is why would Oprah do the same and why would ABC let her?

Joe said...

I had a bad feeling all afternoon. The Colts came out flat, the defense didnot play too well at all.

Cappy said...

A pretty good game, especially for the Superbowl. And how often do you get to see Abe Vigoda tackled?

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Thank God for blue laws...I would have bought a case of beer and drank myself sick had I been able to.
I haven't seen the Colts clusterfuck like that since Manning's rookie days - the Vikings could have beaten them, if by fewer points.
As long as the running game was working, they should have stuck with it, especially in the fourth.
An INT when already down by 7 in the bottom of the fourth nailed the coffin shut.

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