February 26, 2010

We should have Governement run health care because those who do want it are just smarter than I am

Liberals, Socialists, Progressives, Communist; different labels for similar products. They all have one thing in common. Those who agree with the tenants of a strong Government, who believe in income redistribution, who think it is the role of the Government to address the ills of society (real or imagined) all believe they are smarter than those who believe otherwise. They know in their hearts they are more compassionate, more feeling and care far more about the common man. They are the nanny, the teacher, the wisest among us who will lead us and take care of us. If they get a few privileges along the way, well, that is their right for being better and smarter than you and I. If some of us do not care to participate then we are heartless, greedy and dumb.

What if I do not want to be mothered and have my needs provided? What if you believe YOU know best for your family? The Progressives will do what is best for you in their eyes anyway. By force if necessary. The basic tenant is always in their message -- each will work to his ability and receive according to his needs. "They" will determine the "needs".

History is legion with examples of Socialists and Communists compromising by force. You see, compromise means YOU give in. 100,000,000 people failed to compromise with Stalin and they disappeared. Twice that number reached a compromise with Mao in China during the Communist Revolution. They also gave their lives. Should I mention the killing fields of Laos and Vietnam after the socialists took charge? Compromise seems to be a my way or the highway for these people, and the highway is clearly one-way.

We saw a similar "highway option" presented by the Democrats at yesterday's so-called Health Summit. You could see in their eyes and the smirks on their faces the lack of intent to offer any compromise at all. There was no consideration of reducing the cost of health care through tort reform or interstate purchases of health insurance. There was Obama's plan. The Republicans were expected to give. That was the only compromise on the table.

Then came the threats. Now the big bad Democrats will force Americans to the Compromise in the good old fashion way -- they will force it upon us whether we want it or not. Remember, they know what is best for us and if we do not see it, it is only because we are too ignorant, too stubborn, to clingy to our guns and religion and stupid, stupid ways.

They will ignore the facts that their plan will cost money we do not have: as a society, a government, nor individuals. They ignore the truth that what they want is not in the purview of the Constitution. They ignore what they desire is expressly NOT wanted by the American public.

Yesterday was a public civics lesson. You see what Obama and his team have in mind -- go along with what Obama wants or get it anyway. You see why they have avoided public transparency all along -- it makes them look bad. Someone is going to pay for making Obama and his team look bad in front of all America.

That someone will be you and I.

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Ed Bonderenka said...

Listening to Midnight Radio Network last week (and I think the last opportunity I'll have to listen to it, thank God), a caller summed up Obamacare:
I want to got to the doctor, and I want someone else to pay for it.

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