April 19, 2010

Monday's random thoughts

For the TEA Party to be successful they have to be about more than taxes. If they are pushing for a more Conservative agenda, smaller government, lower taxes, reduced spending, then they have a shot at shaping the political dynamic. They should have held their rallies on April 18 or 19, the anniversary of the opening shots of the American Revolution.

If you study American History, especially the decade or so leading up to the outbreak of hostilities, you understand what drove the Founders and why certain things are included in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Anyone who claims the Founders did not purposely desire and design a Federal Government with limited powers is ignorant of history and demonstrates a clear inability to understand the simple English of the Constitution. This is why those on the left are quick to claim the Constitution is just a document written two hundred years ago by a bunch of white guys and holds no relevance today. Of course that fallacy breaks down when you understand the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land. I have challenged those who claim it is a dead outdated document to show me where it falls short. None has yet risen to the challenge.

In other news, the volcano in Iceland is playing havoc with air travel all over Europe. The volcano has spewed enough CO2 and ash into the atmosphere to equal a decade of car, SUV, factory, coal plant and cow fart emissions. Yet I doubt we will see the ice caps melt, the oceans rise to swallow Manhattan or the farmlands of the Great Plains dry and blow away. Here we have a living example of not only the fallacy of the Global warming/Climate Change theories but the true power of Mother Nature and our inconsequential actions. How many pig tail light bulbs are we going to have to use to counteract this volcano?

We will see some awesome sunsets this summer as the ash reaches the upper atmosphere and reflects the sun. remember the great sunsets after the Philippino Bitch Pinatubo exploded in 1991?


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

To the first point, it would be great to see those traditional Conservative themes used for something other than just winning elections before returning to the same gov't routine of tax/borrow and spend.
Anybody who hasn't figured out by now that AGW/CC is the greatest bullshit story ever told has to be dumber than a box of rocks!

Dick said...

"If they are pushing for a more Conservative agenda, smaller government, lower taxes, reduced spending, then they have a shot at shaping the political dynamic."

I'm taking a wild guess and gonna say you haven't participated in a Tea Party yet, or you'd know this is the complete agenda.

Joe said...

Dick, I know this, but for those who are not quite as immersed in politics the message seems to be about taxes: taxed Enough Already.

The held the lates trally on Tax day.

Why not hold it a few days later tomark the beginning of the Revolution on April 19 -- to show the party wants to return to the country envisioned by our Founders?

Cappy said...

Also what would be great is if the Volcano caused AlGore to STFU.

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