April 1, 2010

Thursday Grab Bag

Normally I am a light sleeper and I rarely dream. The past few nights I have fallen into deep REM sleep, with vivid dreams. My dreams from last night/this morning were especially pleasant. At least I think they were. They remain as only fuzzy faded disconnected images in my brain as I type. Every second they disappear more, as morning and daylight and consciousness swallow and cover the dreams like sand on a beach is covered by the slowly rising tide. In spite of coffee, working through several emails and reading the paper, I am still a little groggy. Weird.

This evening should be interesting. We are going to meet our future son-in-law's parents. The wife is nervous and anxious. She is worried they will not approve of us, that we will come off like poor hicks and rednecks. The parents are what could be described as at least upper middle class. Neither works, other than the father manages their investments. We live in a tiny house with used cars and lots of bills. Me?, I am not too worried about these people's opinion. They have raised a fine son. I am prepared to like them. They can like me or not. Lets be honest, it is not like we will be spending much time together after the wedding. If and when my daughter has kids there may be an occasional birthday or holiday we cross paths, but I do not anticipate spending more than a few hours a year with these people. Their approval or disapproval means nothing to me. As long as they treat my daughter well, I have no opinion about them at all.

I have been warned enough to behave that it is starting to piss me off. I pointed out that I deal with customers and the public for a living. I know how to act. I know which fork to use. The wife tried to tell me I am sometimes sarcastic (what me?). She reminded me of the time I went to her company picnic and told everyone I was deaf in my left ear due to an industrial accident and asked everyone to stand to my right and shout if they wanted to converse with me. I thought it was a hoot. My wife was not amused. The President of the small bank where she worked stopped by her desk several times in the following weeks to see if I was getting better.

I get it. I will not embarrass her or my daughter. Some people have no sense of humor.

It is payday, that always gets me in a good mood. I am wearing shorts and the temperature is expected to hit 80 today. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and God has blessed me in so many ways. I had my favorite meal for supper last night -- beef and noodles with mashed spuds. Leftovers await in the 'fridge. Plus tomorrow is a holiday for me! In all, I guess it is safe to say it is good to be me today.


Freddie said...

Heh. I'm thinkin' it was a hoot too! Made ME laugh anyway.

Yes. It's a very good day. :)

Jean said...

I'd take a bet that says you'll charm the crap right outta them.

I'm chuckling with Freddie about the deaf-in-one-ear thing. You Hoosiers are a hoot.

Ed Bonderenka said...

"I am sometimes sarcastic (what me?)"
I got it.

Linda said...

They will love you!

Dan O. said...

I'm with you. It's the two young folk getting married. Who cares what the parents think of each other.

I married ONE person. NOT her family. I couldn't care less what they think about me. There was nothing, in the vows I spoke, about in-laws.

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