May 24, 2010

Democrats vs. the A-Bomb

stolen from C&S


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

No sweat HB:
Over that 65 years, and under the vigilant gaze *ahem* of BOTH factions of the ruling party, the Bead-Fingering Idol-Worshipers have imported more than enough of our enemies to fill Detroit back up again...because, after all "we're such a wealthy nation".
I wonder if the idiots like Pelosi and Mizzzzzzz Clinton, who are still carping that garp, have taken a look at the national debt lately?

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Looks like your embed code should include the following dimensions:

width="480" height="385"

in at least the "object" tag at the beginning.

Joe said...

Thanks, Nathan. It was a template problem. I think I have it fixed now.

mts1 said...

Your title got me thinking:

1) The a-bomb was the work of an outside destructive force, and not caused by the resident population (yeah, I know indirectly through their production for the war effort, but I'm saying no Imperial Japanese set it off, work with me here).

2) Hiroshima and Nagasaki were rebuilt by the Japanese, even after their whole country was flattened by our bombing raids. Imagine every US city bigger than Rockford Illinois flattened, then rebuilt within 25 years.

3) No one has a problem with pointing out who dropped the bomb. But say that African Americans of the ghetto variety and not the Heathcliffe Huxtable kind ruined their own housing that they bought at percentage of fair value elsewhere and made their own misery pit, and you're racist, so no one but I go down that road. I saw Gary get ruined in my lifetime, and not because the Lebanese took over, the Chinese all moved in, or the Argentines ran the show. And the whole shebang - churches looking like cathedrals, streets lined with active business and teeming street life, stately mansions with marble and gold, public buildings and stadiums that they put on tourist postcards, all destroyed.

4) The whole, entire ghetto/thug lifestyle was created by the policies of liberal Democrats.

5) The policies of liberal Democrats are more dangerous than an atomic bomb. Jesus, even radiation decreases over time as the fissionable matter decays to depletion. Stupid retains its destructive force across the eons.

Joe said...

Nice comment MTS. Very thought provoking. As you said radiation decays ofver time. Liberal policies are the opposite of half-life, whatever that is. They grow progressively more destructive over time.

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