May 11, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon

It remains cloudy, windy and overcast here in the Hoosier heartland. We had a round of storms come through this morning and it looks like it might rain again at anytime. The weather man says this is what we should expect for the next several days.

I am beleaguered by goofy bullshit at home and work. The boy's ex-girlfriend and three of her friends beat the shit out of his current girlfriend in the phys ed locker room yesterday. He has not dated the old girlfriend for about five months. She broke up with him. Nothing like holding a grudge. His current girlfriend got expelled from school too, since the school policy dictates if you fight back you are guilty of fighting too. I guess she should have let four people beat her until she had to go to the hospital? The boy feels bad. He did nothing wrong, but feels somehow responsible. He has not been able to talk to his current girl. He assumes she is grounded and cannot use her phone. I tried to cheer him up by telling him he is a stud -- chicks are fighting over him. he hates conflict so this is not going well with him. I won't even get into the crazy crap going n with work.

I put some chicken breasts in the crockpot with a couple cans of broccoli cheese soup (and about 1/4 can of milk)and some salt and a few red pepper flakes. Served over noodles or rice it makes an excellent dinner. You can put in 1/4 cup of dry white wine in place of the milk if you desire.

You are welcome.


Freddie said...

Man... That sucks. The son/gf situation.

In the city where I used to live they have what they call "zero tolerance" which means if a group of 4 girls jumps on one, and even if the 4 girls ALSO jump on the ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL (who, btw, witnessed the whole thing and knew the lone girl was a victim) as the assistant principal is trying to break it up, the one girl will be suspended along with the rest simply because she was involved.

Total BS.

...Just one of MANY reasons we left that liberal sh!t hole asap.

(If I could just convince hubby that money isn't everything, I think I'd be home schooling, as many kids as possible. But, then, I also know firsthand that poverty sucks too.)

Most days, I'd swear this country's circling the drain.

Oh, and thanks for the recipe! SO gonna try it.

Joe said...
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Joe said...

Thanks freddie. The receipie is not something you will find on the cooking channel, but it is not too bad. Throw in a couple of chix bullion cubes if you like.

As far as the country goes, we just have to keep educating our kids. I have raised three staunch capitalists. If people like you and I keep our kids thinking straight, there is hope (and I do not mean the Obama kind!).

Dan O. said...

I've never understood the "suspend everybody regardless of the facts" rule.

My youngest got suspended in, I think, his senior year even though witnesses, including at least one faculty, said he refused to fight back. That's why the punk pushed him. Because my son had already told him he wouldn't fight him. He (my son) was trying NOT to get suspended.

School administrators are such assholes. Yes, I speak with a broad stroke. Never met one who could think logically, or for him/her self. Period.

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