June 28, 2010

No tears over this Byrd's death

Robert Byrd is dead.

Now even more shit in West by God Virginia will be named after him. They might as well just go ahead and change the name of the State altogether.

On the bright side there is one less liberal asshole waiting to vote for the Obama agenda. I think Byrd's aides just raised his old dead hand to vote on health care like some Governmental version of Weekend at Bernie's anyway.

I hope Nat Turner and his boys are waiting on you in Heaven to atone for your KKK days, Senator.

My sympathies to his family. It hurts to lose loved ones.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I hope he managed to extract his cranium from his rectum before cashing in his chips.
Politics is a sordid business, and its detrimental effects on the minds of those who practice it are manifest in Joe Biden's attitude toward the shop owner that asked for lower taxes.
It doesn't take a revolution to change things politically, it takes a citizenry who will ween themselves from the poison-milk of "entitlement".

linda said...

Term limits!

Ed Bonderenka said...

" It hurts to lose loved ones."
Like my tax dollars?

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