June 12, 2010

Someday Iwill wake up and this kind of idiocy will have been a dream

I want ot be an illegal alien.

Bingo, movie night, free postage, hanging plants...

Sounds like a nice vacation spot to me.

The fact these people are CRIMINALS seems to be lost on some Americans.

I do not think I am alone believing this, but if you are not a citizen, you have no Rights under the Constitution. Taxpayers should not be funding your legal challenges, postage and movies.


linda said...

Why would they want to leave? Boggles the mind!

mts1 said...

Peter Sellers had a movie where he was ruler of a tiny principality, and declared war on the US and surrendered immediately so his poor country could get our generous foreign aid.

Along that train of thought, I'd like to take a bus into Mexico, do a dark spray-on tan, dye my hair black, get dark contacts (these emerald eyes won't do the job) then come back in as an illegal. The Feds can't give this poor American citizen, former active Army, taxpayer a free postage stamp.

We have no money for NASA, but we make sure the illegals have movie nights, internet access, and dance classes. If anyone needs government dance classes, it's rhythm-challenged white folk like me. Then we won't need strobes on the dance floor anymore to make it look like we know what we're doing.

Dance classes for illegal aliens.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Been telling people for DECADES this country is now run of, by and for the Papists, and no matter how much evidence like this floats to the surface, the jackasses keep laughing: Special privileges for some at the expense of others is their calling card, because they think they are brown-nosing (pardon the obvious pun) their way into heaven. I think they might clue in when rich motherfuckers in Californication start getting sliced up by Aztlan, La Raza or the Brown Berets and they start demanding its return to Mexico that these people are NOT to be catered to, but by then it's gonna be too fucking late - if it's not already.

What part of the first seven words in the Constitution ("We the people of the United States") do the ACLUnatics and the Obammunists not understand?

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