June 2, 2010

Why would they lie?

So let me get this straight. The White House asked President Clinton to go to Joe Stestack and try to get him to not challenge Arlan Specter for the Democrat Senate seat in Pennsylvania. They offered a non paying job on one of The Obama's advisory boards. A job he could not accept if he kept his seat in the House of Representatives?

The Obama Administration sent one of the most powerful men in the Democrat party to offer Sestack the political equivalent of a chicken bone if he would not eat the steak? What was the Administration holding back to sweeten the pot, a positions as Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 336, maybe Honorary Fundraising Chairman of the United Way of Washington County, manager of a Little League team?

Does anyone, of any political persuasion, believe this stupid story? The Obama Regime had three months and this pathetic fairy tale is the best they could think up? This makes the Watergate burglars look like friggin' geniuses.

Hope and change and transparency, indeed


Dan O. said...

As long as more people start seeing the arrogant ignorance of this admin, they can keep this type of sh!t up for the next 2+ years.

Oh, was "...Funraising..." a typo or a Freudian slip? ;)

Samm Hein said...

Dunno why they would lie, but they're not very good at it.
The real issue's not the liars, but the dumb-downed, pubic screw-ooled geniuses that buy their bullshit stories to begin with.

Joe said...

Dan-o typo (fixed)

Galt --100% on target

Dick said...

Viva La Hang His Ass!

And the lot of them while we're at it.


mts1 said...

Just like Obama having been pictured as the ammo industry's Employee of the Year when he first got elected, he should now be called the 2010 Republican of the Year if a) the GOP puts electable people out there to take D seats, and b) the people have memories long enough for this to burn in their minds as they vote. He himself has done a wonderful job of firing up the base and getting the middle into a GOP state of mind.

Being that I don't see this crew acting any smarter as time goes by, I don't think people need the memory part that badly. The ward heel and the rest will keep up their daily faux pas.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

At one time, I would have jumped right on that bandwagon mts1, but "this ain't your daddy's GOP". Chances are excellent, given '08s leavings, they'll nominate braindead Palin, fascist McCain again, or an unreasonable facsimile thereof. We need a Congress full of patriots in touch with the constituents, not another Sena-traitor hand-picked by Rockefeller and the elitist pinheads, or we'll just get fucked again!

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