July 5, 2010

F-ing Cubs

I have heard the Cubs are petitioning the league to just skip the seventh inning for the remainder of the season.


Anonymous said...

The Cubs are still playing? Oh never mind been busy watching South Carolina win the College world series.

James Old Guy

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

HB, you might be better off banking on the Cubs to suck or lose and being pleasantly surprised when they don't...
It works during football season with the Vikings!

Grumpyunk said...

Remember the slogan they had back in the early 80's? -"Cubs Fever, Catch It! I saw a little kid, less than 2 y/o wearing one on which the father had added, "And Die".

Yep, They keep us humble and like some other things from Chicago, keep us looking for "Hope and Change" that never quite works out as planned.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I know that two things will happen in my lifetime:

1) The Cubs will win a World Series, and

2) The Democrats will be driven into Lake Michigan by an angry populace.

I know these things because to believe otherwise would be to drown in despair.

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