July 26, 2010

Monday Grab Bag

I heard that my 30th High School reunion was Saturday. I did not go. I am sure no one noticed. If there was a vote for "Most Forgettable" I would win, only no one would remember to vote for me. I see on a regular basis the one guy from my high school class I care about. The other 250 or so -- yawn. To be honest I did not like most of them when I went to school and I could not care less about their lives thirty years later. If you think my feelings are wrong, consider that in 30 years not one of my classmates has tried to get in touch with me. But Hooierboy, you say, you have moved and they have lost track of you. Bleh, my parents still live in the same house and not one of my old "friends" has called them up to find out my contact information. Thank Goodness.

The Cubs took two of three from the Cardinals this weekend. They have dug such a hole they must win every division game.

I was flipping channels Sunday and noticed the Brickyard 400 was on. The cavernous Indianapolis Motor Speedway looked to be about 50% full. NASCAR, like a lot of folks in the entertainment industry is having troubles filling seats. The difference, the Hulman-George family has not backed up to the public taxpayer's trough demanding money from the City/State/County/Surrounding counties. The Pacers and Colts should look west of downtown Indy and see how an entertainment venue should be run.

I was at the airport last week, suffering the lines at security. A lady a bit further back in the cattle shoots was yelling to the TSA guy checking IDs. "Sir" she said, "Can I get up there, I have a plane leaving in 30 minutes."

He ignored her. She asked again. He ignored her. Finally, after her third plea he looked up and in the kindest tone told her "Lady, if any of those people in line in front of you want to let you go ahead, I have no issue with that. But if you want my opinion, the fact you cannot manage to get to the airport on time is not really any of the rest of these people's problem."

The whole line burst out laughing.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

"To be honest I did not like most of them when I went to school and I could not care less about their lives thirty years later."

Kind of how I felt when I went to mine...but I went because my wife knows a lot of people in my class. I actually associate with only about five or ten people who graduated with me back in 197*mumble*.

My class, for what it's worth, was about four times the size of yours :)

And re: the TSA guy: Spot on. Refreshing to know there's at least one TSA guy out there who has some common sense and isn't afraid to use it.

Cappy said...

I enjoyed High School, one of a class of 1,000. Had quite a few friends, haven't heard from most in a long time. Still hear from a few.

Over on FaceBook, where I do most of my blogging, a bunch of alums found each other. Strangest thing. Enjoy conversing with classmates from early elementary school. This was years back in the 1950s, everyone heavily "tracked" by ability. I was solid Track 3, average.

Then I started moving up in the world in HS, up into the reaches of Honors Track 2. But most of the gang from elementary school are a lot more down to earth than my HS knuckelhead friends. And for some reason, less liberal.

Ed Bonderenka said...

My brother tells me every once in a while that one of my friends from high school (99 in our class) says hi. He sees them at his AA meeting.
(BTW, I'm proud of my little bro, over 17 yrs now.) Never went to a reunion. My classmates all went on to become lawyers, doctors, physicists, and famous radio announcers. I think I'm the only one that went in the military and I lost track. I just joined FB and one guy from HS friends me, and he stole my girl in HS!

Dan O. said...

I may have blogged about this last Sept. My 30th was at a park across from my house. I stayed home and had a campfire outback with some others who didn't go. And some who came over after the other one broke up.

BTW, HB, that last paragraph could have been a post all it's own. Love it!

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