July 29, 2010

More head scratching

The President of the United States, Honorary Chairman of the Boy Scouts of America, did not have time to address the Boy Scout National Jamboree today.

He was too busy appearing on "The View".

I am glad his priorities are straight.

The Obama is going to make people think I have dandruff, or lice, or something...


mts1 said...

Why would he go to that - his appearance might give tacit approval to it. It is diametrically opposed to everything he stands for. You know, men teaching the boys in the town how to become men, with responsibility, maturity, self-sufficiency and character building through volunteerism and working on community projects or learning job or survival skills. Things like earning merit badges, and not winning Nobel Peace prizes for just showing up, as a participation award. It would be like Reagan going to a Weather Underground Jamboree.

He's much more comfortable on The View, surrounded by cackling hens who like he are more interested in the people around them echoing the right phrases and words, damn what they mean, wear the right labeled clothing, eating at the right restaurant, etc. Great Gatsby meets Sex in the City.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I'm just as happy he didn't.

Leave the boys with the impression that government will only disappoint you every time.

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