July 19, 2010

No commentary needed

I bet Josh and Dave will be all over this one. They are quick to point out racism in the rest of us...

h/t Big Dick

UPDATE Racist asshole resigned. They should have refused her resignation and fired her.


Cappy said...

Cleveland = 50 years of stickin it to da man!

Grumpyunk said...

Hmmmmm. Didn't some famous guy have something say about judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin?
I'm pretty damn sure she's heard that somewhere along the line.

Josh said...

How weird that your boyfriend Andrew Breitbart posted this edited video without proper context, and that the woman in question is not only friends with the family she's talking about, but worked for two years to save their farm.

Strange things happen when you get an entire story and not just cherry-picked information.

Dave said...

Also: The farmer came out in her defense Tuesday. Know why? Because she saved his farm which we all would have known had Andrew Breitbart and his asshole crew posted the entire clip. You know, the part of the clip where she fesses up to poor thinking and decided to do the right thing.

Glad to see you've learned how to think for yourself, though, hoosierboy.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Josh.
Firm letter to follow.


Josh said...

Two hours later and still no firm letter? Can't find your crayons?

Anonymous said...

Uh, Josh, seems like there is even more to this ugly story. Research boy,, research. The bitch is a real piece of work.

James Old Guy

Dave said...

Paraphrasing from elsewhere: after slavery, jim crow, lynchings, a black bureaucrat hesitated at giving a white farmer her all so I guess we're even now!

Cappy said...

We won't be even until you live your lies. Now get yer liberal pansyass up to Cleveland and move into the Glenville neighborhood to prove you are not a bigot, Dave.

Joe said...

"slavery, jim crow, lynchings"

All traditions brought to us from Democrats. I find it amazing that a Republican freed the slaves (the sole reason the party was formed), and Republicans passed the 13, 14 and 15th amendments, and Republican votes passed the Civil Rights Act (MLK was a Repub), and the clear evidence the Great Society put more blacks into poverty, that so many minorities would be blind adherants to the Democrat Party.

To the point, did that farmer hold any slaves? Did he participate in the Jim Crow laws, did he help lynch anyone? He was discriminated agains soley on the basis of his race. Are you really making the argument that racism is OK if all comes out fine in the end? Wasn't that the argument for Plessy v. ferguson?

Sorry, I have been told time and again tha tracism is in the heart and it can never be eliminated. If she discriminated once she did it often.

If a white guy had admitted he screwed a black guy by giving less than his full effort and sent him to his "own kind" for help I think you would be crying a different tune.

No wonder so many Americans think Democrats are liars and Hypocrites.

Joe said...

The farmer was probably fat, so that makes it OK.

Dave said...

It's fascinating how you rewrite history.

1. The farmer (if we're talking about the same guy, the one mentioned by Sherrod in the Breitbart video) was NOT discriminated against. If you watched her ENTIRE speech you'd know that. But your probably learned everything you needed to know from the 2:36 that was edited out of 43 minutes. Or you could go to any news outlet - even Fox! - and see the farmer defending her.

2. Yes, Republicans did free the slaves. And white Southern Democrats WERE racist assholes. Things are a little different now.

I wouldn't expect you to understand that. After all this back and forth we've had in the last year I finally figured it out: You're just a dittohead. Everything that comes up in the Limbaugh/Breitbart/Fox News cycle gets parroted by you a day or two later with no thought or insight.

You're just a middle-class salesman in a shitty state who's never risen above low-level management who votes against his own self interests.

You're pathetic. And what's even sadder is that you're happy being pathetic because you're too stupid to know that the GOP is fucking you.

Anonymous said...

Dave,,you have an invitation to South Carolina where I will be more than happy to teach you some manners. It seems your parents were a tad slack in that department, and yeah I think a 60 year old guy can pretty much kick your liberal ass.

James Old Guy

Anonymous said...


Read this and think about what has happened to the country since. Read between the lines.


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