July 21, 2010

Stuff you don't care about

Last night I barbecued some chicken on the grill. We had some Indiana sweet corn and some fresh tomatoes the wife picked up a t the farmer's market. I made some potato salad and deviled eggs to round out the meal.

Just as I was bringing in the chicken, it started to rain. We had some hard rainfall and some tornado warnings, but nothing severe hit the old homestead.

One final thought, if the woman in the video below is so sure she did nothing wrong, she should not have resigned. She should have let the Ag Secretary fired her and then had her day in court.

The Cubs made a miraculous comeback last night. Down 7-1 they ended winning 14-7! I had just bitched to the wife that the number three and four hitters boasted the lowest batting averages on the team. They combined for 10 RBIs. That's why Pinella manages the team.


Freddie said...

Way t'go Cubbies WAY TO GO!

mts1 said...

I don't know what to make of Pinella's retirement. If he felt the Ricketts were going to build a strong team, he might've stayed to manage one more champ. He had to have heard something that told him to bail now.

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