July 8, 2010

Will the nickle and dime crap never end?

My daughter has been informed that she will be charged $80 by the reception hall because she will have a table of 6 instead of 8 at her reception. I guess she should have tried harder to make sure her guest list was divisible by 8.

Damn those two people that were unable to attend her wedding. Maybe she should have just revoked the invitation of 6 people?

Seriously, I am starting to hate everyone in this world.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

This is the kind of Mickey Mouse crap that led Sally and me to pledge that if we ever decide to get married again, we will be eloping.

We strongly recommend it to all first-timers, too.

Dan O. said...

The logic of the $80 charge is lost on me. Fewer people cost more? WTF am I missing?

Joe said...

I guess it is to keep a bride from having a room of half-filled tables. If the event was "served" I guess I could understand -- more tables = more work for the event staff. This is a buffet. It is just one more way to squeeze every nickle from us.

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