August 8, 2010

How Dairy Queen saved my life

It is Sunday morning.  The coffee is hot and the birds are quiet in the Japanese maple outside my office window. I have checked my email and I am starting my routine surf through the blog world.

The boy sleeps in the room next door This is his last weekend before school resumes on Wednesday. He is less than thrilled. I would agree.  It is too early to start school. The upside is he gets out by Memorial Day.

It has been a great weekend weather-wise.  The heat is supposed to return early this week. I guess I will have to get after the yard work today. I still have some bushes in the back and East side of the house that need trimmed. The heat of last week has kept the grass from growing much. But it remains green, not the brown crunchy stuff we usually see by this tine of year.

Perhaps I will smoke a cigar this afternoon instead of watching The Cubs lose another game. They cannot score runs. The pitchers do a reasonable job (until the bullpen comes into play) but there are no consistent bats to put them over the hump. The team traded the second highest batting average for a player with lower batting stats and clearly less defensive skills. The only advantage DeWtitt has over Theriot is youth. I do not get it. F-ing Cubs.

In high school I used to date this girl that worked at Dairy Queen. She made me cherry cokes that were 50% cherry syrup.  She would make me strawberry banana milkshakes that were so loaded with fruit it was like eating a sundae. It was a Blizzard before DQ invented the Blizzard (insert appropriate trademarks etc. here). She had a nice rack too. I married her. The kids liked to go to the buffet place on occasion when they were little. The local place had a self-serve ice cream machine.  The wife still makes that little curl on the top of the cone.  She cannot help herself.

I am just rambling here. Have a great Sunday.


Rita said...

Sounds like it worked out well with the DQ chick with the nice rack.

Gave me a good chuckle this fine Sunday morning.

Anonymous said...

Nice racks and the little curl. Life is good.


Greybeard said...

DQ's and great Boobs?
Just one thing would make her Wonder Woman...
Papa owning a liquour store.

Jean said...

Little curls just for you. She's still in love.

Ed Bonderenka said...

You're a blessed man, H.B.

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