August 15, 2010

I wish I had something to say of interest.

I woke a little before six this morning. Sometimes I cannot shut off my brain at night.   I hate that.

You know it is humid outside when the windows are steamed up. In the summer.

The boy and I got the yard mowed yesterday. I have nothing on tap for today, although their is always housework and yardwork to be done.  I may work a little this afternoon, I am hitting the friendly skies Monday afternoon for  customer visit.

I did not even turn on the 'puter yesterday. Based on this entry, you can see why.

I am working on a post about the Ground Zero Mosque. I think most of you are not going to like what I say.

Have a great Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Probably the same thing I am thinking about the Mosque. Sometimes the Constitution doesn't work exactly like we want it to work but when you bend one law you bend them all. It just proves to me that Muslim's don't have an regret or guilt over the murders on 9/11.

James Old Guy

mts1 said...

If we agreed on every stinking point, we'd be one person. If we can agree on the basic overall, we're at least somewhere.

As far as the mosque post, like Dr. Johnny Fever once said, "Give it to me straight Doctor, I can take it."


Let them build their 13 story mosque. All it does is clear the air of further discussion of whether they are all asshats, to a man, that the myth of the majority of muslims being the kumbaya live and let live peaceniks they want everyone to think they are is that, a myth. Like Obama, they're boiling the frog quick enough for it to notice it's getting cooked. They're doing a better job of getting the non-muslim populace feel white knuckled fear better than any damn radio talk show clown. This is 13 stories of brick and mortar "fuck you" to us, in our collective face, right next to where 3,000 died according to the tenets of the q'uran and hadith.

If I tried to imagine a scenario that gets most people to throw up a little in the backs of their throats at the mention of islam, I myself could not come up with a better way. This way non-muslims cannot hide anymore behind the "highjacked by radicals" myth.

I'm just thinking of the union workforce on this project. Your stereotypical New Yorker. Archie f'ing Bunker. Probably lost or knows someone who lost relation there, may have had to flee Manhattan on 9/11 himself. And PC'ness taught him how to be subtle as all hell. I envision a lot of bacon in the walls and pig heads in the concrete floors, not to mention piddling in the air ducts and the other little things. After all, remember the BoSox jersey buried in the wall at the new Yankee Stadium to curse it, and that's just sports, not Real Life.

Sorry for the post in comments, you got me going.

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